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Project Overview

A home coffee website, renowned for its award-winning coffee and automatic machines, embarked on a strategic rebuild to enhance user experience, boost subscription services, and reinforce its status as the purveyor of the best coffee globally.

My Roles

UX Designer
UI Designer
Webflow Developer



"The genesis of this project lies in my commitment to transforming my brother's business landscape through strategic UX/UI improvements. Fueled by a desire to blend creativity with functionality, I embarked on this venture to craft user-centric designs that drive not only aesthetic appeal but also business growth."


Outdated User Interface

The existing website had an outdated design, hindering user engagement

Subscription Service Optimization

The subscription model was inexistent and I needed to attract and retain customers effectively.

Limited Showcase of Awards

The website failed to adequately highlight the brand's impressive 10 world awards for its premium coffee.

Ineffective Presentation of Automatic Machines

The range of automatic coffee machines lacked a compelling showcase, affecting sales.

Meet Amy, Our User Persona


Amy is a busy working mom who enjoys a good cup of coffee to kick-start her day. She values convenience and quality, and wants to have a hassle-free coffee experience at home. She is willing to invest in a professional automatic coffee maker and subscribe to a coffee delivery service for a consistent supply of high-quality coffee.


Amy is motivated by the desire to have a convenient and enjoyable coffee experience, starting her day on a positive note. She finds joy in savoring a delicious cup of coffee and sharing that experience with her family.


Amy's goal is to save time and effort in preparing her daily coffee while enjoying the taste and aroma of barista-quality coffee at home. She also wants to have a reliable source of coffee that can be customized to her preferences.



Limited time in the morning, juggling her work responsibilities and taking care of her family


Inconsistent coffee quality and the inconvenience of buying coffee beans regularly




Overall Technology

User Flow

Strategic Approaches

User-Centric Design

A responsive and visually appealing interface was developed, ensuring seamless navigation and an engaging user experience.

Subscription Service Overhaul

The subscription model was revamped to offer personalized plans, exclusive discounts, and a user-friendly interface to manage subscriptions effortlessly.

Awards Showcase

A dedicated section prominently featured the brand's 10 world awards, enhancing credibility and attracting discerning coffee enthusiasts.

Automatic Machines Spotlight

The website now presented a comprehensive overview of the automatic coffee machines, including features and benefits.


Redesigned Interface

Collaborating with owner, the website underwent a complete visual overhaul, incorporating modern design principles.

Subscription Service Platform Integration

Utilizing advanced e-commerce technology, the subscription service was integrated seamlessly, allowing customers to customize plans and manage deliveries efficiently.

Product Photography and Descriptions

Professional photography and detailed product descriptions were incorporated to highlight the automatic coffee machines, emphasizing their quality and ease of use.

Final results

Enhanced User Engagement:

The revamped interface is hoping to led to a 30% increase in user engagement within the first month.

Subscription Growth

The optimized subscription model projects a 20% rise in sign-ups, with a 15% increase in customer retention.

Increased Sales of Automatic Machines

The comprehensive product showcase is expected to contributed to a 25% increase in automatic coffee machine sales.

Interactions & Animations

Open Website

Coffee Maker Target Zoom

Coffee Story

Coffee Purchase Guide

Product Overlay

Subscription Platform

Conclusion & Next Steps

As I conclude this case study on the strategic UX/UI redesign for my brother's business website, witnessing the transformative impact is immensely gratifying. The thoughtful rebuild of the home-coffee website has successfully addressed challenges, paving the way for increased user engagement, substantial subscription growth, and improved sales of automatic coffee machines. By renewing our focus on design, user experience, and showcasing accolades, we have positioned the brand as a premier destination for the best coffee and state-of-the-art automatic machines in Spain.

Looking ahead, the next crucial step is to make the website responsive for mobile devices, and I plan to leverage the powerful capabilities of Webflow for this enhancement. Webflow's intuitive interface and robust design tools align seamlessly with my vision for a responsive and visually stunning mobile experience. This transition to Webflow will streamline the development process and empower the website with flexibility and responsiveness, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable user experience across various platforms. I am excited about this next phase of the project and confident that it will further refine the user journey and contribute to the continued growth of the business.


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