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Real estate investment is an increasingly popular way for individuals to achieve financial security. It is an exciting and emotional experience but often complicated. I developed a web app that will make this task easier, a clean, elegant design that simplifies investing in real estate.


While plenty of blogs and agencies provide information, buyers new to the market may often need more professional guidance and waste time viewing properties out of their range.


This web app will give them the expertise needed to invest efficiently in real estate.


- Branding
- Information architecture
- Interaction design
- Wireframes
- Prototyping


Designing for the user

To kick off discovery, I read the prompt the course gave me. I then set the project goals and defined the project roadmap. With the help of our user persona, Rashida, I started synthesizing common themes and user flows and developing the first wireframes. These steps guided the development of low-fidelity screens and their interactions.

Who is this Webapp designed for? Let meet Rashida.

User Flows

Thanks to this user flow, I created an easy path to success. I developed three different tasks and made the experience pleasant and without friction.


I wireframed iteratively to define the information architecture of screens. I also explored various navigation approaches to determine the best experience for the user. I gathered feedback from my mentor and made the necessary updates to find the best solution for our users and improve the user experience.

Mood Board

I planned an arrangement of images, materials, and text pieces to create the mood board for this web app. Thanks to it, I built a clear design expression of the vision and developed a particular style for this project.

View Mood board

Style Guide

Having a style guide is crucial to have developers build my design quickly and fluently and avoid delays. Here developers can see how the app should look and what to do and not do.

View style guide

Final Designs


We created an Onboarding for the Users to see what Perfect Properties will offer them at a glance.

Sign Up

I decided to add a quick preference selection to give users the best match in houses.


I include some additional resources for new investors as quick links in the dashboard.

Compare Properties

When trying to find the correct house to invest in, one common issue is writing down all the info for each property or opening two screens to compare them. We fix the issue, and now the user can compare two houses.

Other Screens


  • It was fun yet quite challenging working on this project. I learn a lot about the diversity of opinions. Thanks to everyone that gave me input and feedback.
  • I implemented various new methods and concepts in this project. Thanks to the feedback, I could iterate and be more aligned with the latest trends.
  • I learned how to utilize a mood board and how it is a great way to get my mind centered on the style I wanted to create and not deviate from it along the way.
  • Thanks to my mentor, who guided me in making sure items in my design needed to look alike so the users would understand.
  • I learned a lot from this project and gained more confidence in my skills. I will continue learning and growing, taking all the feedback and implementing them in future projects.



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